A Guide On Taking Care Of Leather Garments

Leather Garments

Leather clothing is a necessary item for almost all the people out there. Whether it’s your treasured pair of leather jackets that you wear on special occasions or just a regular piece of leather clothing, you need to take real good care of it. Leather items are super duper expensive as compared to your normal clothes. Sourcing the material is costly for the manufacturer due to its stable and sturdy structure. However, leather items are always worth your money. If you take excellent care of your leather clothes, they’ll last super long.

Remember, if you wear such items regularly, they’ll surely fade out and show signs of wear and tear. Note that it is entirely normal. However, it would take a lot of years for your leather clothes to show such signs. There can also be incidents where your leather jacket can get ripped off. This is where clothing alterations come into the scene. After finding the perfect leather clothing pair for you, it can be challenging to replace it.

So, always consider getting tailoring in London for the best services. This would always leave your jacket in an extraordinary situation.

Repairs For Leather Clothing

A rip or tear from an accident never means an end of your long term love with your leather clothing. Whenever you visit a leather clothing alteration specialist, you can have your garment back in shape. Whenever you notice a damaged area on your leather clothing, you can always take it to the leather specialist. They’ll observe and assess it and tell you if they can fix it or not.

Taking Care Of Leather Clothing

To ensure that your leather garment lasts long, it’s essential to take care of it. Firstly, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidance for leather clothing. If the leather garments get wet, make sure to dry them at room temperature. Some Points:

  1. Don’t expose it to sunlight for an extended period.
  2. Clean any spillage with a clean cloth to avoid any stains.
  3. Store it in an excellent hanger to ensure that it’s always in shape.
  4. Store it at an environment-friendly temperature.

Tips To Increase The Life Of Your Leather Clothes

Below mentioned are a few tips about leather garments.

  • Using wide hangers ensures that your shoulders are not dropping and are always supported.
  • Stuff newspaper balls in your leather jacket. This would absorb all the excess moisture present and prevent the growth of mildew and fungi.
  • You can also attach newspaper sheets to the jacket to remove all the moisture.
  • You can use containers. Leather can be stored in wooden trunks, suitcases or fabric bags. Storing in a plastic box should be avoided. Remember that if you have more than one piece of clothing, don’t store them together. Keep them separately in layers of newspaper to ensure their long-lasting durability.
  • To maintain the sheen and smoothness of your leather clothes, use a leather conditioner. Apply a little conditioner on a soft cloth and put it on the cloth & let it dry. This would help in retaining the lustre of the clothing item.
  • Leather clothes don’t work well with fluctuations in temperatures. So, it would help if you stored it in a place with very little or zero sunlight exposure.
  • Your leather clothes need to breathe. So, always take them out of the storage boxes once in a while. Allow them to be exposed to fresh air for ten to fifteen minutes. This would help to air them whenever you want.


This was all about taking care of leather jackets and clothes. In case you observe any wear and tear issues in your leather garments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Prime Laundry by searching for leather jacket alterations near me. The team of professionals would help you out with your leather garments. Let us know how you liked this article—drop in your questions in the comment section below. We’ll get back to you ASAP! Till then, take care of your leather garments.

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