A Day in Drug Rehab: An Experience to Remember

Drug Rehab

Activities and therapies in drug rehab centers may differ, but the basic structure and schedule are the same. Come here with an open mind and willingness. You are here for yourself, not for anybody else. 

Rehab programs in Florida begin at 7-8 am and end at 8-9 pm. 

Mornings in a drug rehab

You must rise early. No sleep-ins here. The center has a fixed waking time. Nurses come into each room to check everyone is up. Get dressed, do your assigned chores, and be ready for breakfast. 

Breakfasts are healthy. Morning sessions may also include yoga and meditation. The idea is to begin the day with health and energy. 

After breakfast, you must attend morning meetings, group sessions with therapists or counselors. Topics related to recovery, alcohol addiction, cravings, and others are discussed. They go on till lunch. 

Afternoons in a drug rehab

A balanced meal is served for lunch to promote health and to correct nutritional deficiencies that often arise due to addiction. 

After lunch, afternoons are packed with more intensive sessions, both group, and individual. Therapies like CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) are standard in most rehab centers due to their positive outcomes. According to the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences, CBT alters brain circuitry and dysfunctions of the central nervous system that happen due to addiction. This alteration brings a positive change in the behavior of a person. 

Afternoons in reputable centers like Daylight Detox also feature recovery programs, sessions to avoid relapse, skills training, educational program, and journaling sessions. The sessions are scheduled as per need. 

Break time

Rehab centers often provide a two-hour break for people later in the afternoon. They are free to go out or do what they want. You can play a sport, go for a walk, or nurture your hobby or talent. 

Certain rehab centers provide facilities like swimming pool, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and others. 

Evenings in a drug rehab

After dinner, you must attend group sessions, which usually feature a 12-step program. It is highly recommended that you attend all the sessions and meetings in the center for long-term sobriety and healthy recovery. 

Bedtime is fixed. This is to cultivate discipline and fixed sleeping patterns. Restful sleep of 7-8 hours is important to encourage healing of the mind and body. Good sleep also keeps you energized and alert the whole day. It promotes sound behavior. 

The medical team at the center skillfully handles cocaine withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia or disturbed sleep. Nurses come every night to check in with each person and provide medications if needed. 

Life at a drug rehab center is neither too serious, nor too light. It is realistic with a healthy dose of discipline, responsibility, empathy, strengthening willpower, socializing, and personality development. It is a life-changing experience, but only for those addicts who wish to change. 

Looking for a drug rehab center to fight your addiction? Visit today and shine some light on your dark days of drugs and alcohol. 


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