A complete Guide for Selecting a WordPress Theme

One thing is sure; you will find thousands of WordPress themes to choose from. Every day there are several themes developed. WordPress allows you to select free as well as premium WordPress themes. Depending on your requirements you can choose from them. 

With innumerable options available, you are bound to get confused. Sure, there are your obvious choices, such as Elementor’s Hello Theme. But what about lesser known options?

And there’s always one question that arises: how do you choose a WordPress theme? 

There are several factors that you need to take care of before finalizing. It’s not necessary.

We have created a list of few elements that you need to keep in mind to choose a WordPress theme: 

  • Brand purpose: First and foremost thing to keep in mind while deciding on a theme. Every website serves a different purpose depending on its brand vision. It might be simple or complex. The theme you want to select must convey your purpose. For instance, for an ecommerce website, you need a theme convenient with buying and selling, while on the other hand, for portfolio websites, themes serve a different purpose. Logo helps you convey your brand vision and purpose. Therefore, the theme must be an appropriate logo design. DesignHill can help you to get a professional logo at an affordable price and designed by an expert designer!
  • Responsive: Today, more than 70% of traffic is generated through mobile devices. Therefore, you need to make your website design work on all devices. If your website is not functioning properly on mobile or laptop, you have a big problem at hand. Most of the themes in WordPress are responsive. A responsive website helps you improve customer experience. Since Google now uses user experience as a factor to rank a website, it’s necessary to make it responsive. You can check the responsiveness of your website by manipulating the size of the browser window. If it’s working correctly in all sizes, then you are good to go.
  • Simplicity: WordPress themes come with flashy, glittery, bright combinations, which sometimes look cool, but most of the time, they are not required. However, they also provide numerous simple yet classy themes for websites. Today, minimalism is the new normal. You need to look at how your brand is compatible with the theme, is your theme visually appealing, how the theme is adding value to your design; All these factors are important to choose a website theme. Consider, you provide tutor services; you cannot choose themes too flashy or bright. It would affect your brand image and convey the wrong message. If your theme looks good but doesn’t get you customers, it’s of no use. Logo Design with a simple theme helps you convey brand identity impressively. However, Simple and elegant themes always work irrespective of your field. If you want to create a logo on your own then you can use a free logo maker tool to create a professional logo for your wordpress design!
  • Browser compatibility: Your customer’s audience might use different browsers on a different website. WordPress themes might look perfect on your web browser, but it’s not necessary; they will work on others. That’s where Browser compatibility comes into the picture; you need to check intensively on various browsers for compatibility. WordPress offers you different tools and techniques to check borrower compatibility. Even if it’s working on a laptop, you need to check on mobile browsers for better functionality. Word press developers check their themes on some basic browsers such as google chrome, safari, firefox, etc. 
  • Ready for multilingual translation: when deciding on a WordPress theme or website design, you need to keep in mind your target customers. Several WordPress themes are not available in English. You might be creating website design in another language, or you want your website with multilingual functionality. There are several plugins available to translate elements from your website to choose a multilingual WordPress theme. A multilingual website plays an important role in a better customer experience.
  • Website requirements: depending on your niche and website requirements, WordPress themes may vary. If you are looking to develop a niche-specific website, you might need to add some customized elements to your website. Therefore, website requirement is an important factor for deciding WordPress themes. You need to list your requirements, essential features your customer might need, or any additional elements you want to add. For instance, for a portfolio website, you need customers to navigate your projects smoothly; a complex and flashy theme would only lose their interest. Therefore, Select your website theme, keeping in mind your requirements and niche. 
  • Competitors analysis: Competitor’s website analysis comes in handy when deciding on a WordPress theme. It helps you understand what your target customer might be expecting from you. The analysis will help you avoid mistakes, you would know what mistakes they are making, and you need to avoid them. But this doesn’t mean you should copy their website. Competitor analysis will only help you decide what’s working and what’s not for better decision-making. Don’t forget your uniqueness and brand identity to differentiate from your competitor.
  • Must be SEO friendly: website design plays an important role in SEO. Your SEO will directly impact your search ranking. Choosing a WordPress theme appropriate for SEO is a complex task; it might look appealing but have poor HTML and other SEO factors. Designhill can help you to get a SEO friendly website design!
  • haring, SEO backup, contact forms are some of the common plugins used. While choosing a theme, make sure your theme code doesn’t create conflict between plugins. In simple words, your theme should not include the same code as plugins.
  • Navigation and speed of WordPress theme: if you don’t want your website to slow down because of code, you need to check speed. Various WordPress themes are coated in a way that allows you to navigate smoothly, with minimal delays. However, some themes use images, heavy designs, codes, and scripts that make them slow. Therefore, it’s better if you check the WordPress theme demo. When you receive results, you can check poor code, bad requests, etc. These things can be fixed if you love the theme. 
  • User-friendly website: better user experience One of the major goals of every business. While choosing a WordPress theme, it’s important to check how it will affect user experience. There are few factors to keep in mind for a user-friendly website: 

How easily can customers navigate?

Content should be easy to understand, read. 

The site should be compatible with your brand vision and type.

How visually appealing is your site?

  • Updating features: WordPress updates its themes regularly by removing bugs, adding new security upgrades and new features. It’s vital to choose WordPress themes that are updated and manipulated regularly. So, if you like a theme that was updated months or years ago, it’s better to avoid it. DesignHill helps you get a professionally designed website!
  • Reviews and ratings: Like any other service online, you can check reviews of almost every WordPress theme to understand how it works, Is it beneficial or not. You would not wish to use old themes. So, it’s wise to check ratings before you proceed further.

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