8 Types of Students Who Hire Graduate School Consultants (And Why You Might Be One of Them)

Graduate School Consultants

Let’s face it. Applying to graduate school can be a complete nightmare. Not only do you have to navigate the complicated and often confusing application process, but you also have to worry about choosing the right program, crafting the perfect personal statement, and securing glowing letters of recommendation. All of this while managing your current academic and extracurricular responsibilities? It’s enough to make any sane person want to throw in the towel. But fear not, my friends, for there is hope yet. Enter the graduate school consultant. These expert advisors can guide you through the entire application process and help you achieve your dreams of academic success. But who are the students who seek out these services, you may ask? Allow me to enlighten you with the 8 types of students who hire graduate school consultants.

What is a Graduate School Admissions Consultant?

A graduate school admissions consultant is a graduate school professional who helps prospective students in their efforts to gain admittance to a graduate program. They work with applicants throughout the entire process, from researching and selecting target schools, devising an application strategy, preparing for tests like the GRE or GMAT, constructing compelling resumes and personal statements, writing recommendation letters and providing advice on interviews. Admissions consultants act as a guide and advocate for their clients, helping them successfully navigate the complex process of applying to a graduate school program.

By utilizing an experienced admissions consultant, applicants are able to maximize chances of being accepted into the institution of their choice. Consulting services can also be tailored for international students who are unfamiliar with American higher education standards or anyone looking for assistance in developing a competitive edge. Whether you’re applying to an MBA, PhD or specialized program, graduate school admissions consultants are an invaluable resource that can provide personalized guidance and support on the long road to earning a higher degree.

1. The Overachiever

You know the type. This student has never received anything less than an A and believes that nothing less than perfection is acceptable. They want to ensure that every aspect of their graduate school application is completely foolproof, so they turn to a consultant for advice. They will tirelessly work with their consultant to strategize every detail of their application, from crafting a winning personal statement to ensuring every deadline is met.

2. The Procrastinator

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the procrastinator. This student has been aware of the application deadlines for months but has put off the work until the last possible moment. They finally come to the realization that their strategies of cramming and winging it no longer work in the world of graduate school applications. They reluctantly seek the aid of a consultant to help them make sense of the rather extensive application process before the deadline approaches.

3. The Working Adult

Not all students are fresh out of college. Many working adults who are applying for graduate school are trying to balance full-time jobs, family obligations, and the general stress of everyday adulting. The thought of fitting application work into a schedule that is already jam-packed doesn’t seem feasible. Therefore, they opt for a consultant to ease the burden.

4. The Non-native English Speaker

Non-native English speakers who want to attend graduate school in the United States face a somewhat unique set of problems. They are often more than qualified but struggle with the language barrier. A consultant with extensive experience working with international students can help these students navigate the application process with ease. From ensuring their personal statement showcases their strengths to informing them on the matters of what schools to apply to that accept the language barrier challenge.

5. The Hopeful Transfer

Transferring schools could be just as daunting an experience as undergrad and grad school application. For those who have already gained graduate credits from a school, there are a lot more hoops to jump through. There are plenty inherent challenges to transferring, including credit transfers, transcripts, and general processes. However, getting consultation is key. Consultants can offer useful insights on which schools to apply to and strategies to ensure that the transition runs smoothly.

6. The Populist

The Populist has a high GPA and test scores, has completed ample volunteer work, and studied abroad. They’re in a competitive position for admission and are proud of their achievements – as they should be. However, they’re aware that some of their peers with similar qualifications haven’t gotten into their dream schools. The Populist wants to ensure they don’t fall into that category. This is where a consultant comes in handy, to help fine-tune the application and emphasize the factors that differentiate the candidate from others.

7. The Planner-Populist Hybrid

The Planner-Populist Hybrid is self-aware and knowledgeable regarding their academic and extracurricular activities; they have impressive grades, test scores, and experience. However, they’re not wholly sure what graduate program is right for them, which careers are available, or how to align their experience with their qualifications. A consultant can help these students answer those questions and provide clarity, specific to their niche.

8. The Risk-Taker

The Risk-Taker is the student whose grades are decent, but their work experience is outstanding. They’re well aware that their GPA may not entirely reflect their academic prowess, but they have glowing recommendation letters and powerful stories to showcase their experiences. For the Risk-Taker, working with a consultant can help bring that story to life and highlight their unique selling points


In conclusion, the process of applying to graduate school is a daunting prospect that strikes fear into the hearts of even the bravest of students. However, for those who wish to achieve academic success, graduate school consultants can be a godsend. They can help with everything from navigating the application process to crafting the perfect personal statement. The 5 types of students mentioned above are just a sample of those who can benefit from consultants’ guidance and advice. Whether you are an overachiever, a procrastinator, a working adult, a non-native English speaker, or a hopeful transfer, there is a consultant out there who can help you achieve your dreams of academic prosperity. So, go out there and find your consultant match. Your graduate school career will thank you for it.

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