8 Amazing Venn Diagram Templates for Any Niche

In marketing, a Venn diagram is a perfect way to convey information about your product or service. It helps you explain the differences between two items as well as enhance similarities. In other words, it can help you highlight what makes your business unique from the competition and worth consideration.

Venn diagram templates are also great for teaching concepts in colleges and schools. It’s an easy way to help students understand the information you are giving them.

This post will provide 10 ready-made Venn diagrams for any niche, so you don’t have to draw them from scratch. In addition, these templates come with multiple variations and different colors, which makes it easy to create beautiful presentations.

Let’s get started.

Venn Diagrams for Marketing and Business


This first set of Venn diagrams is about marketing and business. It has five variations including:

Marketing Mix Product A vs. Product B vs. Product C Customer A vs. Customers B, C, D, and E Profit A, B, C

Who is the Customer? Customers for Product X vs. customers for Product Y

Customer Personas The Ideal Customers for Your Business

You can use this template for any business. This particular example shows how well four different drinks mix with each other.

Venn Diagrams Mind Map Templates


If you want to present a mind map about any business or marketing topic, use one of these templates. It includes a set of marketing, business, and education mind maps that will help you to focus your thoughts in any niche.

Venn Diagrams for Education Topics

In this section, we have six Venn diagrams templates about education topics to choose from, including:

Academic Subjects Math vs. English vs. Science The Circle of Life in School

Subject Areas Chemistry vs. Physics vs. Biology My Course Schedule

Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself to these six templates for Venn diagrams about education. As long as at least three subjects are involved, you can use any template that works for your situation.

Venn Diagrams for the Sciences


you are working in any science-related niche, you can use one of these templates to help your audience understand an idea. There are three variations including:

Science vs. Technology Biology vs. Chemistry The Evolution of Cells and Organisms

Venn Diagrams for Humanities and Languages

In this section, we have six Venn diagrams templates about human and language topics to choose from, including:

Language Differences in Europe and America American vs. British English Speaking in Public

Humanities Bible vs. Quran vs. Torah The Left and Right Sides of the Brain

Venn Diagrams for Geography and History

If you are working in any niche related to geography and history, you can use one of these Venn diagrams templates. There are three variations including:

History Venn Diagrams The Golden Age Around the World

There is also a Venn diagram that showcases the differences between American and African cultures. This template is excellent for teaching students about different countries and how they are connected.

Venn Diagrams for Math Genres

We all know Venn diagrams help understand math topics, but did you know there are Venn diagram-based infographic templates that can help you explain things? If you need to teach students about different genres of music, then look no further.

Venn diagram templates are perfect for any niche because they help us explain complex concepts in simple ways. Consider one of these Venn diagram examples for your next project if you’re looking to simplify things.

Venn Diagrams for Food and Drinks

This Venn diagram template shows how different alcoholic drinks mix with each other. You can use this for a project about any niche, including:

Mixology Venn Diagram Your Favorite Alcoholic Mixes

You can get creative with Venn diagrams because they are so flexible. This particular Venn diagram template is excellent for teaching college students because it helps them understand the various ways to enjoy alcoholic drinks.

Tips In Creating Your Venn Diagram

Venn diagrams are helpful when it comes to simplifying complex information. You can use these Venn diagram templates in any topic that involves at least three items. As long as you have the right Venn diagram example for your niche, you can present complicated issues in simple ways.

1. Venn diagrams help understand nearly any concept you can think of that involves at least three different subjects.

2. Venn diagrams come in a set of six, but you can combine them to create even more Venn diagram ideas for lessons and topics about any niche.

3. Venn diagrams help us simplify complex information into simple visuals that are easily understood.

4. Venn diagrams work great for all types of learning, including the sciences, humanities, geography, history, math, and more.

5. Venn Diagrams templates come in many different shapes and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that works for you.

6. Venn diagrams are a great way to teach kids about different topics because they use illustrations instead of words which can be difficult for some people.

7. Venn diagrams work well on the internet, where visuals play a significant role in successful sites, blogs, and social media profiles.

Use Venngage As Your Venn Diagram Maker

Venngage allows you to create interactive Venn diagrams that are perfect for lessons and blogs on any niche. Venngage is a Venn diagram maker that allows you to edit and customize anything in your Venn diagrams, including the size, shapes, fonts, colors, words, and data. Venngage is easy to use and offers professional templates that make creating quality Venn Diagrams a breeze.


Venngage allows you to create professional, interactive Venn diagrams that are perfect for lessons on any niche. Venngage is easy to use and offers templates to help you get started creating quality Venn Diagrams in minutes.

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