7 Cool Things That You Can Do On Your Laptop Right Now

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If you have just bought a laptop and are wondering how to make the most of it, you have come to the right place.

We have included a few things for you here that can elevate your mood and help you understand the various uses of a laptop.

Of course, you need the internet for that.

However, the internet does not always get utilized to its full potential if you don’t know how you can use it. This is why you must keep scrolling down and learn all about the cool things you can do on your laptop right now.

7 Cool Things To Do On Your Laptop

There are plenty of cool things one can do on their laptops when they have strong internet connectivity. Check out this list, and learn all about them here.

1: Stream Movies/TV Shows

You can play DVDs on your laptop, watch streaming videos online, or even access your Netflix or Hulu movie accounts!

Using Hulu, YouTube, Vimeo, or other websites with an Internet connection, you may stream TV and watch your favorite shows anywhere.

Many TV shows can also be viewed directly from torrent sites like the Pirate Bay.

2: Stream Music

Streaming music is no longer a frustrating process of waiting for files to buffer with a modern laptop.

You can enjoy your music without hitches, static, or timeouts by connecting to your favorite Internet radio station or even your home music library.

You can even watch the music videos of those songs and relive your youth once again.

3: Share Files

Sharing your data across various devices is another wonderful thing you can do with your laptop.

You only need to follow some simple online instructions to get access to your movie collection, music library, and vacation photos from your laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

All of your info is constantly at your fingertips when you transfer files, and you can even share your favorites with your pals!

4: View Local Statistics

Are you considering relocating and want to know how safe, healthy, and educated your prospective neighborhood is?

The National Audit Office’s website NX1300 provides an easy way to find out about crime rates and much more. First, select the area of the country you’re interested in from the Regional Statistics option.

Tabs run across the top of the resulting page, breaking down the initial summary page into categories like health, education, and local crime statistics, which you can view in seconds if you have a laptop.

5: Read Classics

Why not settle down with one of those classics you’ve always wanted to read when you’re looking for something to read and don’t want to pay to download ebooks to your reader?

You can take a Kindle subscription and read the books you want without buying the physical copies when you have a laptop. You can also find book pdf and read them for free.

A laptop is an easier way to read books than a phone because of the screen size. Although nothing can beat reading the hardcover, we think laptops are a close second in this battle.

6: Watch Live TV

It can be aggravating to miss your favorite shows while traveling or on vacation.

However, because many broadcasters stream their content live, websites have sprung up that allow you to watch TV from all over the world, with access to thousands of stations.

WWITV is one such service, like  with a database of over 3,000 stations from all over the world. Choose a country and then a channel from the drop-down menu. Now, watch your favorite TV shows on your laptop without a hassle.

7: Crack Windows Passwords

Have you ever needed to access the contents of an old Windows system account but forgot the password?

It happens every now and then. Cain & Abel is for you if you want to log into your laptop as a guest user.

It’s a very effective password cracker that’s also available for free. Cain is the application’s user interface, while Abel is a system service that handles the background operations.

The Bottom Line

We have listed the 7 cool things you can do on your laptop right now. We are sure that you have known about most of them, but some of these things must have caught you by surprise, right?

However, if you want more information on them, let us know in the comment box. We will get back to you with an answer shortly.



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