6 Best Roof Rack Lights to Look for in 2022

Roof Rack Lights

Even the most daring drivers will acknowledge that every outdoor adventure vehicle needs adequate lighting. Even though twilight is beautiful, it wouldn’t be nice to be stranded deep in the mountains when the sun is down. The outdoors may be challenging, especially if you don’t have the best view of what’s ahead of you. Sure, your stock headlights are helpful, but even high beams won’t cut through the darkness at a camping site. Moreover, driving at night with regular headlights might be a challenge. Even with all of the city’s street lights, going vision during the night is still inferior. Thus, a roof rack floodlight can be your savior. The market has provided several driving lights ideal for any outdoor adventure. You only need to wisely choose the one that works best for your car and driving style. On that note, here are a few options for roof rack lights to consider.

Front Runner Outfitters LED Bar

Front Runner Outfitters’ 20 powerful, high-performance LEDs have a range of 440 meters and produce 5500 lumens. The “daylight” intensity of 6000 Kelvin is uniformly spread at a 5-degree angle. Manufacturers have diverted the LED light by the sophisticated reflector design, which exposes the incoming traffic only indirectly to the light. Thus, this roof rack flood light is a must-have for adding safety and peace of mind to your driving experiences. The searchlight has robust polycarbonate glass to support its wide range of applications. The integrated driver and thermal management system monitor and control the LED’s temperature, reducing the danger of overheating and extending the LED’s lifespan.

In the case of an excess voltage, full LED polarity protection instantly cuts the circuit, ensuring a long lifespan. Besides automobiles, you can use the ECE-compliant 12V/24V LED light bar for different purposes.

Front Runner Outfitters LED Bar

SABER X Curved Offroad Led Bar

With how bright this light bar can provide you, you won’t miss a spot no matter where you are. The entire package includes 300W (100pcs x 3W) High-Intensity LEDs, a spot flood combo beam with 30° and 60° spot beams, two pieces of 18W LEDs, and a 1800LM 4-inch cubic cube driving fog light, all of which operate between 12V and 24V and creates the 6000K Cool White lighting. High-quality aluminum with an adjustable and black finish stainless-steel mounting brackets and shatterproof lenses make up the rack. Are you concerned about the sun and rain? It is waterproof and can resist all weather conditions thanks to its IP67 rating. In addition, it has a simple installation and short circuit protection. This ensures the safety of both your car and its battery.

Westin Off-Road Driving Lights

Off-Road Driving Lights from Westin suit practically any light bar or grille guard. Its stainless-steel structure with black powder coat is elegant, sturdy, and long-lasting. The black grill that surrounds it, with the name Westin emblazoned on it, adds to its flair. This grill looks nice, but it also protects the lights from being damaged by pebbles or other items that could come in the way. In addition, the switch you may place on your dashboard is lit, so you’ll know where to look for it if you need to add extra lights to your surroundings.

Westin Off-Road Driving Lights

KC HiLiTES Gravity LED Pro6 Light Bar

KC began manufacturing off-road lighting in the late 1960s and has since been a common sight on truck roll bars across the country. The following is the current state of the art: A 50-inch-long bar with eight LED lights in separate pods that resemble vintage yet function better than vintage lighting. The Pro6 generates 18,400 lumens in various beam patterns, including conventional driving spotlight and wide-beam. The lights are also submersible and detachable.

Low-mounted lights are preferable since the roof rack lights reflect snow, rain, and dust, which is a usual case for any high-mounted roof light. Hence, the drivers prefer to have two lights, upper and lower.

KC HiLiTES Gravity LED

Rigid Industries SR-Series Pro 30-inch

The Rigid Industries SR-Series Pro is an excellent choice if having a low profile is essential. Their 30-inch-wide LED light bar is six inches tall and six inches deep, allowing it to fit into tight locations like the gap between a vehicle’s grille and front bumper or where the roof rack is attached to the windshield. It has an output of about 18,810 lumens, among the highest available. The bar is 12 pounds in weight, is completely waterproof, and has a lifetime warranty. This is a more affordable option than the KC HiLiTES Pro6, but it is still a costly configuration.

Nilight Led Light Bar

Nilight is a well-known brand of automotive lights and LED light bars since it is one of the few alternatives that offer a set of lights rather than a single light. The Niligiht LED light bar is a complete light system that you can install on your vehicle. You’ll get two 4-inch spots LED pods with 18-watt output, and the LED light bar has 126 watts of power output. You can expect to get a good amount of light, and it can be within your budget too.

Final Note

So, these are the six top roof rack lights you cannot do without in 2022. Remember that it’s about more than just enhancing the lighting when you add more lights to your setup. In reality, the sort of lighting you choose is more significant. Thus, choose one carefully and enjoy driving.

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