5 Top Tips for Tiger Safari in India

5 Top Tips for Tiger Safari in India

5 Top Tips for Tiger Safari in India

Wildlife adventures in India are one of the most sought-after activities by tourists from all over the world. India being a land of many thick forests and luscious thick jungles. Is a source of inspiration for many wildlife adventurists and even for book writers such as Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, which is based on the Pench National Park and the surrounding jungles near it.

The exquisite number of wildlife in India including the rare tigers, elephants, rhinos, leopards, etc make for an exciting package to be watched along with a tiger safari or a jungle safari through these beautiful and deep forests.

These experiences are offered in India as packages in collaboration with the Forest departments and the Tourism Department of India who together ensure the safety of tourists as well as the wildlife of the country and help in creating exclusive wildlife adventurer escapades in all of India’s national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

Apart from these, there are also exclusively reserved forests that are protected for their innate protection of endangered animals and trees such as Tiger Reserves and Forest Reserves.

Tiger Safari in India

India is second in terms of tiger population in the world with the most number of tigers in their own habitat preserved and protected by the Indian Forest Department.

Tiger spotting is one of the most adventurous activities and is packaged within many wildlife adventure activities offered by the various national parks in India. These include tiger safaris, jungle safaris that spot other animals as well, wildlife camping, etc.

Tigers are extremely quiet and calm in nature. They are vicious predators and can be extremely tactical when hunting. Their quiet demeanor and excellent camouflaging ability make them almost invisible to their prey and that is why they are excellent hunters. But this also makes them quite difficult to spot and makes it tricky to find a tiger in its natural environment.

Expert tour guides and safari guides have a list of tips and guidelines that help tourists and enthusiasts spot a tiger in the wilderness with ease. Below are some of those top tips that are useful in tiger safaris:

1. Silence is Your Best Friend

When on a tiger safari, being quiet and watchful is of extreme importance. Phones must be left behind or put off so that the silence of the forest is not disturbed. Tourists must be quiet and keep an eye out for tigers instead of chatting which can drive these jungle cats away.

2. Camera Flashes

Camera flashes are a big no. Flashlights can startle animals and put them in a panic mode which is not good for neither the tourists nor the tiger itself. Cameras must always have their flashes off so that they can continue to be undisturbed in their own environment

3. Dark, Camo Print Clothes

Bright clothing can attract a lot of attention and cause the animals to be alert. Most animals do not mind dark colors which resemble the forest such as Brown’s and greens. Light and bright-colored clothing can startle and make them cautious.

4. Always listen to the Guide

Most guides are localities and are hired after rigorous training for the wellbeing and safety of the safari passengers. Always listen to your guide and stay together as a group.

5. Approach or Feeding Animals

Never approach or feed an animal or try to stray away from the vehicle as this could invite unwanted attention and cause problems.



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