5 Tips for Choosing a SEO friendly Domain Name

SEO friendly Domain Name

A domain name is the most critical aspect of any website. You need to carefully select it. Once chosen it can’t be changed. You can also consider a SEO friendly domain name for some ranking points. Here are a few points to get started with when choosing a domain name for a website as part of the domain registration process:

Selection of a Domain Name

What makes domain name selection so important. That’s because once you choose it, it can’t be changed afterwards. You can alter, modify and move different Web elements on a site. You can also change a hosting service and the web platform it’s built on. However, domain name stays the same.

SEO is another important factor to consider. The domain name of a website also contributed towards its ranking in search engines. Should you use a brand name or a keyword in domain name? These answers are shared below:

Tips for the best domain name:

Keep it short:

Choose a domain name that is short and simple. You must keep a domain name under 10 characters to make sure it’s memorable and easy to understand.

Avoid hyphens:

Avoid hyphens in a domain name as it looks like spam. Also, such domain names are hard to type and can direct the traffic elsewhere.

 Easy to remember:

Make sure it’s easy to remember, so that your visitors keep returning to your website after visiting it once. Just like a brand perception, the users also perceive a website through a domain name.

opt a brandable name

Some businesses consider using just a keyword instead of a brand name in their domain name. This is the wrong way to do it. You must focus on brandability before anything else. Afterall you market to grow your brand name in the market so that people can know you by just your company name. It only makes more sense to use a brandable name.

Go for Unique Names

Make sure the brand name is unique. A unique name is also available. For example Google is a unique domain name and is also shorter than something like “your favorite search engine.”

Domain name extension

Use a common domain name extension such as .ckm with your website. .com is a domain extension most websites use generally. You can also consider country specific domain extensions. Register pk domain if you are advertising locally.

Use keywords:

It is an alternative to choosing a brand name. If you are using an affiliate site then you can consider using a keyword in your domain name. It would definitely help to rank it in search engines. There are many free keyword tools to look for such terms.


Website which is invisible to one space is just a waste of effort and money. Make sure you select a proper domain name that has all the above mentioned characteristics to grow into a successful brand. Only then your website traffic would grow on a consistent level. Good luck!

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