5 Smart Tips for Maintaining Your Front Load Washing Machine

Front Load Washing Machine

A front-load washing machine is the most refined innovation in the laundry world. It uses less power, less water and saves you a lot of time. Plus, they are super gentle on your clothes. What more can you ask for?

As Australia sits on the brink of a water crisis, front load washers are the best choice. But they require a little more pampering and attention than a top load washer.

Whether you are a new front-load owner or have decided to maintain your washer better, the same rule applies. You need to change your laundry habits!

Here are some tricks and tips that promise a more spick and span washer:

1.     Let Your Washer Breathe!

Just like you, your washer needs its share of air to get going. You must allow proper air circulation inside the machine. Else, your washer will become the perfect breeding spot for mould and mildew.

Keep its door open when you are not using the machine to avoid this. This way, the drum and the door will dry out completely, and your device is safe from mould.

2.     Do Not Make the Mistake of Overloading

Your machine is not so happy with extensive loading. Multiple small sized loads are much better than a single heavy load.

By design, front-load washing machines use less water but more aggression. This kind of washing is better suited for small loads. So, do not overwork your device all at once. Instead, run many small loads.

3.     Use Only High-Efficiency Detergents

Get this straight: your washer is a labelled high-efficiency machine, so your detergent should be high efficiency too!

You do not want to mess around with a regular detergent at all. These detergents produce suds, which can later breed mould and damage your machine.

If not mould, your washer will suffer from plenty of suds. As front load washers use less water, it becomes tough to clean out the suds. So please do not risk it! Use high-efficiency detergents only and in less quantity.

4.     Go Easy on Bleach and Fabric Softeners

Because your washer uses less water, it is better to use fewer products. Try to reduce using a lot of bleach and fabric softeners. One tablespoon of bleach and one teaspoon of softener can clean your entire load.

5.     Vinegar to the Rescue

Apart from regular care, you need to clean your washer once a month. It’s easy for mildew to start growing on your machine. So, do not skip this step.

Run the washer empty on the hottest cycle available. Pour a cup of vinegar and some baking soda, and watch your machine turn sparkling clean. Give a quick rinse at the end. Your washer is now good to go.

Pro tip: Your machine can easily get clogged by hair, fabric and the like. So, cleaning the drain pump filter is a good habit.

If you are looking to buy a new front-load washer, pay attention to the energy rating label. Higher the rating, the more efficient your machine is.

Generally, front-loaders are more efficient than top-loaders, so it is a beautiful purchase. It is also one of the most innovative ways to become water-wise.

As discussed, your washer needs more care and maintenance. But nothing too hard. The little extra care is worth the benefits of the machine.

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