5 Interesting Ways Technology Is Changing The Entertainment Industry

Technology Is Changing The Entertainment Industry


Technology is evolving dynamically every day, and the more advanced it becomes, the more our living standards improve. With so many technological innovations on our doorstep, the entertainment industry has changed significantly.

There are some mind-boggling innovations in the entertainment field that none of us could even imagine 5 years back. From 3d glasses to voice search technology-the progression has been steady and robust.

Even when you download movies from the Pirate Bay and watch them in your free time, that’s also an example of technological improvement.

Let’s find out 5 interesting ways technology is changing the entertainment industry.

How Is Technology Changing The Entertainment Industry?

More than 70% of the world’s population has a smartphone, and that’s all we need. But, just a smartphone and a storing internet connection can go a long way to keep us entertained throughout the day. So, let’s have a look:

1: Virtual Reality Activities

The discussion of tech-based entertainment is incomplete if we don’t mention the influence of Virtual Reality on entertainment. Today, gamers can play video games in a virtual environment if they take a membership to the virtual centers.

However, the virtual reality centers are not the ones where this technology has got stuck. It has also evolved into creating virtual reality theme parks where people can go and spend time with dinosaurs if they want to.

2: AI-Created Media Content

Artificial Intelligence has been a cornerstone of technological improvement. Now, if you focus on that, you’ll see that it has even improved your entertainment options more than ever.

Amazon’s Alexa is a fine example of AI technology that entertains us without human interference.

The advent of AI has also automated sound production procedures. Thus, you can listen to your favorite song in 8D audio quality without changing the device at all. It can also sync automatically and group film clips to enhance your entertainment option even more.

3:  Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality denotes the ability of supercomputers to generate real-time pictures in your everyday surroundings. AR has merged the virtual and physical work so strongly that it has helped audiences engage with the TV shows they like to a different level.

For example, a few years back, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the future of Facebook would rely more upon AR technology and also said that contact lenses will replace mobile screens to view online content.

Won’t it be amazing if our favorite TV shows are playing right in front of our eyeballs? That’s what AR can do to the entertainment industry.

4: IoT-Driven Museums

-Do you find museums boring?

If your answer is YES, you are not alone in that crowd.

Many of us find a museum tour the most boring experience of our lives. But have you ever been to a museum where the Internet of Things is integrated to give the tourists a more fulfilling experience?

Yes, there are places like that too. For example, the Squint/Opera Company used IoT to enhance their user experience while they were on tour to a London Museum. They developed an app, installed it on the people’s phones, and scattered different beacons throughout the museum floor.

When the tourists came in contact with the beacon, it pulled out information of the exhibit displayed in front of them from the Cloud and made their museum tour experience far more enriching.

5: Blockchain Gaming

No, we are not kidding. In fact, blockchain has much more contributions to offer beyond strengthening Blockchain security.

For example, a blockchain-based technology platform, Chimera, has recently allowed gamers and developers to maintain the gaming world without any servers.

Many people entertain themselves by playing video games, and if they can play those online games more safely without breaching their privacy, what can be better than that?

In addition, blockchain technology can also issue crypto tokens to pay for the games making online gaming transactions a lot more feasible.

The Bottom Line

Technology is changing drastically, and the way the entertainment industry keeps us hooked has also been changed due to technological progress.

If we give it more time, technology will improve our entertainment options even more, and maybe we will always watch our favorite TV shows and movies in front of our eyes even when we are working.

Therefore, if you have any other queries regarding this phenomenon, let us know in the comment box below.

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