5 Cities that are Perfect for Nature Lovers

Nature Lovers

The best cities for nature lovers are found throughout the United States, where you may find the most stunning and diverse landscapes. Yes, it is possible to live in one of our cities and still get plenty of fresh air. In fact, several American towns rank among the top locations to live if you enjoy the great outdoors.

Everett, Washington

With the Cascade Mountains to the east and the bay to the west, Everett is approximately 25 miles north of Seattle. The Snohomish River and a bay are its neighbors, and it offers fantastic views of the water. There is a thriving art and culture scene in the old town. There are several options for outdoor activities, including skiing, riding, hiking, and kiteboarding. In this city, you may actually experience the finest of both urban living and outdoor adventure.

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, often known as Red Rock Country, provides an endless supply of beautiful views, enjoyable hiking, and chances for outdoor adventures. This place unlike any other and a fascinating location ideal for travelers looking for adventure. Surreal red rock formations, sheer canyon walls, and pine trees encircle it. There are many outdoor activities you can enjoy in addition to its natural beauty. Drive the scenic roadways, take a Pink Jeep tour, see the Verde Canyon Railroad, or arrange a helicopter flight for a bird’s-eye perspective. You should put seeing the sunset from one of these breathtaking locations and stargazing in Sedona at night on your bucket list of fantastic experiences.

Los Angeles, California

Although the desert is undoubtedly beautiful, sometimes you just need to be near the water. Enter Los Angeles, a great starting point for anyone looking to see the outdoors while traveling up and down the middle of California’s coast. Los Angeles essentially has everything. You can find fantastic food all around the city, beaches all along the coast and in town, wineries with mouthwatering libations and breathtaking vistas, and world-class ski and snowboard slopes just two hours away. The entire journey will be filled with attractions to see, not to mention wonderful meals at both ends!

Knoxville, Tennessee

Ride your bike through picturesque neighborhoods and through local greenways while admiring the colorful dogwood pathways. The diverse and stunning landscapes of Knoxville make it the ideal location for any kind of outdoor experience. There are rivers for kayaking, forests for hiking, and trails for seeing local species all nearby. Knoxville’s diverse and beautiful landscapes give the ideal setting for every activity, from exhilarating downhill single-track trails to tranquil quarry lakes, bubbling mountain streams, or spectacular granite outcrops. The city offers reduced prices in every significant price range. Knoxville Real Estate is the most significant area of low cost, with the median home costing $257K compared to the national average of $291K.

Moab, Utah

This Southern Utah town is conveniently located near a number of well-known national parks and monuments, so you could easily fill an entire vacation with local sightseeing. Arches and Canyonlands lie within the city limits of Moab, and the stunning—and less visited—Capitol Reef National Park is only two hours away. Drive for roughly four to five hours west, and you’ll pass Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, and Escalante Grand Staircase National Monument (in that order). Oh, and Monument Valley is about two and a half hours south, and it has been a setting in many films.

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