4 Things to Do if Your Laptop’s Hinge Just Broke

Beyond the hinge of your laptop, there is life. If your laptop breaks, it could seem like everything is lost, but fortunately, there are a few things you can do.

One of the most frequent ways computers fail, especially over time, has to do with the hinges, which are what actually define a laptop breaks. The fact is that hinges are moving parts, and whether we like it or not, moving parts eventually break down. Being cautious goes a long way, but it will happen eventually. You must be prepared to act when that happens.

What should you do if the hinge on your laptop breaks? Could you fix it? Should you employ it in that way? We’ll go over each step with you.

1. Stop using it right away.

Upon launching, a Windows laptop displays the home screen.

You should immediately quit utilizing it as your initial action. A laptop hinge break may be a small inconvenience or a serious problem, depending on the model. By using the hinge, you run the risk of damaging other crucial parts, such as a screen’s power and video line. So don’t touch it to be on the safe side. Switch it off.

Avoid attempting to close a laptop that is already open unless you have no other option for carrying it, and avoid attempting to open a laptop that is already closed. Utilizing the hinge may result in additional harm to your laptop and may result in the breaking of previously unbroken items.

2. Consult a professional

Take it to a technician as the next action. You must assess the harm and determine whether the hinge break caused any major harm to the screen’s connections.

It might be alluring to continue using it in this manner, particularly if everything else functions. You probably don’t want the damage to worsen over time and eventually impair the screen’s operation. You probably want a second opinion on it because of this.

Avoid attempting to open or close it without a technician’s assistance unless it is absolutely necessary, as we stated in the previous step. That would only be acceptable if you could only carry it by having it open or closed. If you must, make sure to proceed with extreme caution.

The specialist will disassemble your laptop breaks, examine the damage, and inform you of the likelihood of a successful repair. In most cases, unless there was damage to the computer’s real casing, the fix shouldn’t be too difficult.

3. Determine whether the Fix is feasible (and affordable!)

laptop breaks

You should be able to determine whether a remedy is possible now that you have a second opinion from a technician. Depending on factors like age, the intricacy of the hinge, internal wiring, and other factors, the typical cost to repair a laptop’s hinge can be anywhere between $25 and $300. If the laptop is more recent, the price is probably in the higher range.

Try to get it mended as soon as you can if you received an estimate and the cost is within your range of affordability. A laptop with a broken hinge can still function, but getting it fixed and using it normally will be much more comfortable.

Don’t attempt to fix it yourself if you can’t get it fixed. While some home hinge repairs are possible if you’re ready to use a lot of super glue, it’s probably not worth it and you’ll end up with more issues than you solve.

But do read on to find out what you can do.

I Can’t Fix It, #4 Then what?

It’s okay if you can’t get it fixed. No need to worry if the repair is prohibitively expensive or if a deeper remedy is necessary because the hinge cannot be fixed.

There is life with a broken hinge, as we have already indicated. Your laptop can continue to live a long life provided you take care of it properly and are willing to make sacrifices. Because your workflow won’t be the same and you’ll lose most or all of its mobility moving forward, we only wanted you to try all feasible repair options first.

Your laptop’s current state of damage will determine how you utilize it. Since you won’t be able to carry it around as frequently if the laptop is opened but everything else is working properly, you can probably lay it down on a table and give it a permanent or semi-permanent place.

If the battery is detachable, it is preferable to remove it because leaving a laptop in a fixed location will need you to plug it in constantly, which may be very bad for the battery life of the laptop and even cause physical damage. You’ll have yet another issue on your hands if your battery grows in size.

It’s still possible to use it that way if you can’t open it. Or if another component is damaged (such as the screen). But you’ll have to give it a second chance as a desktop PC. Most of the time, you can use a broken laptop and connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to it. You can even connect them to a USB hub. Again, all is not lost because you can do this exact thing with a ton of fantastic USB docks.

Life Continues Past Hinges

Your laptop’s hinge breaking might be difficult and uncomfortable. And you could feel helpless in trying to restore it to its previous condition. You’ve undoubtedly been observing the warning signs for some time, but you were unable to take action.

However, there is some good news: not everything has been lost. Broken hinges are surprisingly frequent. So you may either take it to a professional to get them fixed. Or if that isn’t possible, you can still use it if you don’t mind giving up portability.

Not everything is lost if your hinge breaks since there is life beyond hinges.

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