3 Most Trusted and Prevalent Outsourcing Companies in Eastern Europe

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In Eastern Europe, 10% of the tech experts belong only to Romania, Poland, and Ukraine. These experts know a range of technologies and are well academically qualified.

Your IT firm might be lacking enough talent for your current or future projects!

You are a Startup and looking for some help to make your good presence in the market.

You might be looking for some talented IT personnel temporarily.

For all types of Outsourcing needs, IT firms belonging to Eastern Europe are pretty popular among other regions! The options are many to choose one! This article is to make your job easier by suggesting you a highly trusted software outsourcing company eastern europe. One with which you can go blindly to get help for outsourcing services.

How is Eastern Europe an IT Hub Worldwide?

To deal with talent shortages, Eastern Europe is one of the first choices of many Western European and US companies for IT outsourcing! It is the region where you can find software development offices of many world-recognized IT firms like Apple and Google!

According to a survey, More than 6 million tech experts belong to Eastern Europe.  The personnel resources are tremendous in this region! So IT companies can outsource their projects. It belongs to any category of technologies to fulfill their business development process.

You would get to know many more reasons or benefits of choosing the region as your priority over others for software development needs.

What makes Eastern Europe more Popular for Outsourcing than others?

The optimal rates and vast talent pool! These can be the big two reasons behind IT firms preferring Eastern European nations for outsourcing over other regions. They need to form their trusted business partners.

As per a comparison analysis, you can easily hire a dedicated team of IT professionals at a cheaper rate in the CEE region than one from the US.

The Software development firms in the eastern part of Europe give tough competition to their Asian competitors. It is for achieving complete customer satisfaction with software development services.

The price of software development in Eastern Europe is either same or a bit higher than hiring one from any Asian tech region. It includes countries like the Philippines, India, and China. On average, the hourly charge of a developer in the CEE region can range near to $45!

Many IT firms in North America prefer to hire developers from Latin America. It is due to the benefit of close geographic proximity and lesser time difference. However, they need to pay an average of $50-$55 per hour to the developer of that location.

Instead, if they outsource their project to anyone in the Eastern European region, the cost can be cut down by a high margin!

An Outlook on the current Software Outsourcing Business Scenario in Eastern Europe

There are many causes behind the so much popularity of Eastern Europe as the hub of software development services. It includes Scalability, value for money & quality services, and lots of talent. Convenient time zones and geographical locations also matter in nearby software development regions.

Among different countries, Ukraine has got 4th position in terms of best hub for developers in Europe. It is also in the fifth position among all the nations in the world with the best programmers.

Most of the software developers here possess high technical background. So the potential of this region is partly tangible. If we take a peek into the literacy rate of this region, then it constitutes above 98%. Many tech Universities at this location are preparing a large number of IT students every year.

The best part of the IT companies here is that most of them offer trainee jobs to the students who are still at the college. So no doubt Eastern Europe has tremendous potential for young tech talents. These people are already having some job experience once they are graduated!

How well are the Performance of Startups belonging to Eastern Europe?

There are many startups like UiPath, Skype, and GitLab. They are known internationally for their work and illustrate the potential of tech talent in this region. The combined value of enterprises has reached near to €200 billion and much higher since 2010.

How to choose a Trusted Outsourcing Partner?

A standard and safe process to choose a software provider that accepts outsourcing projects is via a Google search! You should check the ratings and reviews of companies on trusted sites like Clutch.

You can better learn about the core services that they are offering. Pay attention to the availability of tech technology (or something like SAP ERP development and maintenance services) and the corporate culture before finalizing one. It is also a wise decision to check out the LinkedIn profiles of the companies you have shortlisted.

It can help you finalize a decision on choosing the right company as per your needs. LinkedIn is a great social media platform for professionals. It can help you know much about the company’s management, staffing, projects, and locations.

Lastly, you must well go through the official website of the company. It is to know about their past experiences, pricing policy, and whether their cooperation models fit well with your company’s needs. You can also contact them from there, solve your doubts or get proper consultation about their offerings!

Even after having this much knowledge, an IT firm might get confused about which one to choose to outsource a project!

3 Top Companies that you can Trust to fulfill Outsourcing needs in Eastern Europe

Following are the recommended IT firms from Eastern Europe. They offer flexible Outsourcing Services to their clients globally;

1) Altamira (Ukraine)

There are many benefits of choosing Altamira for outsourcing. It consists of;

– Low overhead,

– Smart augmentation of IT staff,

– Fast kickoff,

– Pre-screened developers,

– Flexible terms, and

– Long-time partnership.

The main highlights of their services include;

– High retention rate and strict selection criteria for selecting the engineers.

– Transparent pricing model and a vast pool of more than 100 skilled specialists.

2) MentorMate (Bulgaria)

They are one of the highly experienced outsourcing firms in the Eastern European region. The company started by building a mobile app in 2001 called MentorMate as a Palm Pilot app.

The primary purpose of the application is to help people learn foreign languages. They are also offering staff augmentation and web development services with innovative ideas.

3) ScienceSoft (Belarus)

Its headquarters are in the US, yet operating globally! By the way, they are a highly professional software development firm. The company offers its services to non-IT enterprises and software product firms!

Sciencesoft has a strong network of partners. You can find here different technology professionals from many parts of the world. They also possess a vast IT talent with more than 700 professionals with expertise in various categories.

Among the above choices, there are many reasons to choose GBKSOFT as an outsourcing partner. They take care of Cybersecurity, Flexibility, Data-Driven approach, and Transparency. They also possess vast expertise in using technology for different industries! One can work with the team that;

– Make sure regular integration and delivery.

– Helps clients in making critical data-driven decisions.

– Performs via version control and code review.

– Value and follow higher standards for coding.

– Always guided by the latest trends and the main development principles.

Bottom Line

More than 2 lac software development professionals are in Ukraine! Many other nations in Eastern Europe like Poland and Hungary can make the region a popular IT hub internationally. Today, most IT firms from any other part of the world face shortages in their talent pool. So such companies can take the help of software outsourcing providers like Altamira of CEE.

They have a wide range of business-related competencies and expertise in core business domains. One can also get their help in accelerating Digital transformation in their business. After all, everyone wants to give their best to their customers using high-end solutions!


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