13 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be On Instagram


Entrepreneurs are very active on Facebook. However, according to their targets and activity, they could have a much more interesting return on investment with other social networks, and in particular, with Instagram and specially when they buy Instagram followers. Why can this network allow you to boost your turnover? The answer is in the below points.

1: The success of Instagram

More than 1 billion Internet users are active on this application every month. Almost 60% of them even use it every day. Many companies quickly understood the interest and challenge of this network. There are now more than 25 million businesses are using Instagram.

2: The queen platform of engagement

Having trouble building engagement with your community? (Likes, comments and shares) Be aware that Instagram is the network where Internet users are most active. When you look at the accounts of different people, it seems very easy to expand your audience with daily reactions from users you don’t know. Many tricks exist to quickly make themselves known on this network because the users are really committed to it, much more than on other networks.

3: A young and female audience

Is your main target young and female? If you have not already done so, start seriously to take an interest in this network. On Instagram, 52% of users are women, compared to 48% of men. A relatively young audience: according to the Global Web Index, 75% of users are under 24 years old.

4: Illustrate yourself in pictures

The interest of Instagram is sharing photos and videos. For you, the objective is, therefore, to present your company in pictures, your history, your products, and services, behind the scenes of your company, or your team’s Favor quality over quantity. The reason is that the beauty of photos is a primordial factor for succeeding in this network. Keep the idea that you must offer quality images and videos to inspire your Instagram followers. Be creative!

5: Targeted advertising

You can manage your Instagram ads from the same platform on Facebook Business Manager. You then choose your initial objective i.e., awareness, traffic, interaction, or conversion. You can then target your paid advertisements in terms of age, geolocation, centers of interest. A way to precisely capture a large number of prospects!

6: Influencer marketing

If you plan to work with influencers, Instagram can be an essential network for your strategy. In fact, many YouTubers, bloggers, or influencers are present. Some are exclusively known on this network. Partnering with them for certain advertising campaigns can allow you to reach their community.

7: Instagram insight

This tool allows you to analyze the main characteristics of your followers (gender, age, geolocation, etc.) and even know when they are online. So this functionality becomes essential to be able to produce more effective posts and publish them in the time slots in which your followers are most active.

8: Instagram ads

Just like for Facebook, you will be able to activate ADV to better advertise your brand, making it more competitive and definitely more visible to the target market.

9: Call-to-action buttons

At the top, on your profile, the “Message” button will appear, due to which potential customers will be able to contact you directly by sending you a direct message. In addition, at the foot of the bio (right below the link that refers to your website/blog/e-commerce), you can set a second button, “Send an e-mail,” due to which any user can write to you in private.

10: Post sponsorship

With your business profile, you can sponsor your posts directly from the Instagram application, with two different specific objectives:

  1. Get more visits to your Instagram profile or website
  2. ideal for showing your photographic project to target users
  3. Therefore to potentially increase your followers; while in the second case, to give a striking example, to bring as many people as possible to your business)
  4. Show sponsored content to people near you
  5. ideal for those with a local business

11: Create an easy to identify brand

On Instagram, everything is based on aesthetics. The presence of a company on the web must be unique but consistent, which is important so that the company can be easily identified. To achieve a recognizable identity for your company profile, it may be useful to limit yourself to one or two filters or to use either visual elements or a consistent style in all your posts. This will help you develop a unique style, which can immediately associate with your brand, and become an essential characteristic of successful branding.

12: Use Instagram Direct as a business

Instagram Direct offers the possibility of exchanging content with other users through private messages. Thus, photos and videos do not appear in the news feed but in the inbox of a particular user. Businesses can use this feature to contact their followers. However, to do this, it is important that it is the follower who initiates the conversation or sends the first message. If the company does it, it will be seen as an intrusive message or even spam. A follower will wish to contact a company for a request or for a photo competition. 

13: Instagram Stories

Now here is one of the most used Instagram features, Instagram Stories. Launched in 2016, it allows users to document their day using photos or videos that will automatically disappear after 24 hours. Two months after its launch, more than 100 million users were already using Instagram stories on a daily basis; now, it is 500 million. This way, Instagram promises emerging companies a new opportunity to increase their reach, in addition to conventional posts and direct messages. The fact is that these posts are ephemeral content that differentiates them from other content. Instagram stories are a simple way to present additional content and boost your presence. In other words, it is a supplement to your usual content.

In conclusion, think of Instagram when creating your digital strategy. Many brands put all their energy into a Facebook strategy when they could have better results with Instagram. Always think with a real strategy upstream, and above all, be persistent and patient! To reap the benefits, The Instagram strategy must last for the long term.


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