10 Superb Ideas & Video Templates for Business Social Media

Superb Ideas & Video Templates

With 60% of Instagram users saying they discover new products on the platform, according to Hootsuite, you simply can’t ignore social media. That’s 60% of 1 billion people. Clearly, not all of those people will be the right audience for your product but imagine the potential. Of course, you still need to make sure that your brand and product stand out from the rest of the internet. A great way to do that though is by creating high-quality clips with an online video editor. You can view more about the types of videos and templates you can expect.

10 Creative Ideas for Successfully Using your Online Video Editor

There are so many things you can do with a video maker that doesn’t just revolve around video editing. In fact, you can be as creative as you want and these are just some ideas for you to get started:

1- Infographics

Most businesses find infographics hugely popular when they make a video because they generate brand awareness and can drive your website traffic by up to 12%, according to HubSpot. Essentially, they’re a powerful combination of visuals and information that the brain can easily process. This makes your message clear and memorable. Whilst they are often portrayed as posters, why not get a set of animations to present your infographic in a fun music video?

2- Facebook Video Cover

This short video that appears in the top right corner of your business page can be a great intro to engage visitors and capture potential leads. Clearly, you should be strategic about the type of images you use when you edit videos and include something that’s going to work for your audience. Either way, it’s a useful tool to enhance your business page. Moreover, those short intro videos are very easy to create with an online video editor.

3- How-to Templates

Many businesses now have product and tutorial videos because these help people visualize products in their lives. You can even make them fun by showcasing a customer journey or including the right features and animations from your online video editor.

4- Testimonials

A very powerful way to promote your brand is to get other people to do that for you. Who better than your happy customers? People who have enjoyed your product are also usually more than happy to talk about it. These days we live in a digital community where we love taking part by sharing our experiences.powerful way to promote your brand

5- Behind the Scenes

Most people enjoy seeing how their product is actually put together. These educational videos can be inspiring and fascinating. They’re also an impactful way of portraying your values and what your brand stands for without being too obvious or pushy. Again, your video editor is your perfect tool because you can easily drag and drop your own content into the software.

6- Employee Collaboration

Don’t forget that anyone who works or interacts with your company is a potential marketer. Anyone can share their online videos with their friends and family. Furthermore, they can actually also contribute to the content by describing how great it is to work with your product. The more inspiring you can be with your video maker then the more likely people will watch and listen and even buy.

7- Animations

Everyone talks about GIFs, memes, and cartoon characters these days. If you use these, you have to make sure that they support your message and don’t detract from what you’re trying to say. Either way, there’s something fun and engaging about animations and effects used in the right way. You can also include music because most video editing tools have a vast library of audio tracks to choose from.

8- User Generated Content

Social media encourages us to create followings and communities. There’s something inspiring about belonging to a group. Don’t limit yourself to responding only to comments though. Why not ask your fans to get involved and share how much they love your product? You could even entice them around an event or a promotion.

9- Instagram Stories

We all love stories and Instagram has made them hugely popular. Furthermore, most video editors make it very easy to customize any video that’s just the right size for any story. Don’t forget to then choose the right thumbnail to attract even more viewers. Generally, these videos will be 15 seconds or less. Nevertheless, you can also upload slightly longer videos of up to a minute. Essentially, it’s all about being short and snappy.

10- Events

Overall, social media encourages us to build communities. Events are the ideal way to get people together both online and offline. Naturally, you’ll reach more people with offline events. Either way, you’ll easily engage with followers if you launch and promote your awesome media encourages

Final Thoughts on Using an Online Video Editor for your Business

You should always start with thinking about what your potential customers want to see and how you’re going to answer their problems. Then, it’s really up to you and your video editor to do the rest. The software offers you millions of creative templates to work with such that you can even download your own content. So, don’t be afraid to involve your employees, customers, manufacturing processes, and anything else that could be interesting for your target audience. Then, throw in some effects and animations to build an awesome story and you should have the perfect mix for a successful social media presence.

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