10 Most Expensive and Designer Handbags in 2021

Designer Handbags

Handbags are the most favorite accessory of every woman.  If they have already many handbags but still, they would never say no to more handbags. Women spend a lot of money on their designer handbags to match them with the colors of their dresses. They come in various shapes, styles, matching with girls’ clothing and in different colors. There are many designer brands for the production of handbags from all over the world.

Here is the list of the 10 most expensive and designer handbags for women.

1.  Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber is the invention of an American designer in 1963. It is well known for lovely little bags with different unique shapes and decorated with elegant gems. These are the most expensive handbags which are not affordable for everyone. With the usage of 42 carats worth of diamond and stones, its price set is $90,000.

2.  Hermes Birkin Handbags

Birkin handbags are the second most expensive handbag of 2021 worth $1.3 million. Its cost is due to its platinum material which is costly than others. Its outer shell is made up of 2000 diamonds the different thing in this bag is that it contains a diamond sling which can be separated and use as a bracelet and necklace.

3.   Mouawad

Mouawad is another most expensive handbag entered in Guinness book of world records in 2010 for its price of $ 3.8 million. It is made up of 18 carats gold and 4500 diamonds. These handbags are designed to display high-end fashion and status.

4.  Marc Jacobs Carolyn Crocodile Handbag

Crocodile handbags are the creation of Marc Jacobs. Its interior and exterior are made up of leather. It comes with an extra pocket and separators to keep things well organized and apart from one another. Its worth is about $38,000. If you want to spend money to pick high-quality designer handbags, these are the best choice.

5.  Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Bag

This is the type of handbag that is made up of trash. Louis Vuitton has designed this strange bag for its users. The trash includes cigarettes, bottles, chewing gum wrappers, and many other trash items.  People want to purchase something different from others handbags. It is also an expensive bag worth $150,000.

6.  Lana Marks Cleopatra Bag

This type of handbag is mostly used by celebrities walking on the red carpet. Cleopatra handbags are designed every year in different colors and shapes. This is made up of 40 karats of 1600 diamonds to make this beautiful handbag for the people who can afford it.

7.  Diamond Forever” Chanel Handbag

Diamond forever is the classic handbag made up of fine leather. The shoulder strap is made up of white gold and all of this is available for a price of $261,000. These are created in just 13 of which 5 are in the US. If you want these handbags you can purchase them from the store of US easily.


In 2011, the French group has created BVLGARI. These handbags are considered a work of art. These are the customer’s favorite bags featuring the shoulder chain and snakehead closure on its front. It is affordable handbags range from $2450 to $3300.

9.  Debbie Wingham’s Upcycled Egg Purse

This type of handbag is designed to bring something new for easter. Its name suggests it is made up of an eggshell. Its creation takes time of 3 months. The egg-shaped bag is custom made while after finalizing the whole work it is covered with eggshells in blue diamond. This shell-made bag truly is a thing of beauty and the most unique bag we’ve ever seen.

   10. Kusama Pumpkin Minaudiere Jewel Bag

Minaudiere jewel bag is a limited edition for artists, designers, and celebrities. They are created in polka dot print in a golden pumpkin-shaped bag. Its material is made up of black resin and other precious metals. Its golden chain makes it look nice.

Bottom Line

Handbags are the basic accessories every woman wants with the match of their closets. You can find these bags in different colors, shapes, and styles in any store. There are a diverse range of wholesale women’s handbag collections are available at an expensive rate if you can afford them.

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